Haven’t Forgot About You


Well it’s been quite a journey getting back on the ol’ writing horse but here I am, back to fulfill your lives with a quick update on the state of this blog and a rather short review of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.

So, if anyone reading this has noticed, we’ve not been posting in quite awhile. Well, that is mostly due to a busy schedule and lack of artistic drive. No excuses. But I’m back and without further rambling, here we go.

So, this past weekend I saw the new Wes Anderson joint. Now I am a huge fan of this man’s work, the Royal Tenenbaums being perhaps my favorite of his films, and I went into this movie with extremely high hopes. The bar set in my head was not nearly high enough. I can’t express to you the level of joy this movie brought me. I’m glad I saw it in the theatre because I almost passed on it and the film was absolutely spectacular. I must say that the acting on a whole is what brought the entire thing together. The film was a journey to a place that was so unreal and yet so familiar, I can’t help but wonder if this was the most well written movie I’ve ever seen. Okay, I’m done blowing this movie now.

I’ll be back soon with video games and all that other interesting stuff we promised in the beginning.

Happy New Year


Kind of late to saying this, but the steam sale this year was excellent for the soul and devastating to the wallet. Hopefully I can brake away from my new games long enough to finish a full post. Stick around!

The year in entertainment; 2013!


Hello everyone!

The last few months of 2013 saw us awash with films of amazing quality and blockbuster-esque games. Spring of 2013 gave us Iron Man 3, arguably the best of the Iron Man franchise thus far (I will fight you over it) and a few months later gave us Thor: The Dark World (again, one of the best of the series.)

However, the more amazing gift that 2013 gave us was December. The last month of the year gave us amazing movies that will surely reap the awards come Oscar season.

To sum up 2013 in a list of three of my favorite entertainment outbreaks would be a challenge, but here at Take10 we’ll do it because why the fuck not?

Favorite Movie Of The Year: While Marvel’s cinematic masterpieces were fierce competitors and what will surely soon be revealed as a Justice League genesis The Man of Steel are up there, my favorite film of 2013 was The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. The film was ten times better than the first and abundant in the drama and suspense as well as comedic relief, amazing acting, beautiful scenes and killer effects. Benedict Cumberbatch provided the motion capture for Smaug, as well as his voice (which was orgasmic.) But the Sherlock star is only one piece of the ensemble puzzle, the film stars Orlando Bloom, Lee Pace, Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman, and Ian McKellen. The Hobbit: Dos is my favorite film of the saga as well as of the year.   

Favorite Video Game of The Year: I know Spike’s VGAs were a bit ago, and they’ve announced their favorites of the year. Andy was late to this party. While 2013 gave us Bioshock; Infinite and a new Gears of War game, my favorite of the year was Grand Theft Auto V. Sure, the game is violent. Sure, the game is brutal and vulgar. However Rockstar has again crafted a brilliant world within the larger than ever map in which unforgettable characters and amusing missions reside.

Favorite Television Moment of The Year: "I will always remember when The Doctor was me." Christmas of 2013 brought with it the end of Matt Smith’s career as The Doctor, however it gave us something even better: Peter Capaldi as 12! Doctor Who: The Time of The Doctor is Andy’s favorite television moment of 2013. The episode itself, though riddled with enough plot holes to rival The Bible, was excellently acted and the introduction of Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor was tremendous.

Well, there we have it. God Bless 2013!

Eli’s Top Ten of 2013

Every year there are a hella ton of games released. I know, breaking news, right? Well here at Take 10 Games we enjoy games and lists almost as much as we enjoy playing Videogames, so here is my top 5 games of 2013. I should say that my numbers five through 2 are in no particular order.

5. Dragon’s Crown (Vita)
Unless you are among the Playstation elite that own the handheld, you may have missed Dragon’s Crown. This game brings back many of the hack and slash, 2D beat-em-up elements that I think have been sorely missed this generation. This game has shown that simpler old school mechanics are still very much relevant to modern gamers. Not every game has to be one of your AAA games. You can pick this game up for both Vita and Ps3. I hope you do.

4. Bioshock Infinite (PS3)
If you know me (I assume most of you don’t) you will know that I absolutely raved for months on this game. Bioshock Infinite took what was already a great game series and inoculated it with a story that rivals modern story telling in all other mediums. At it’s heart, this game is still a fun, albeit incredibly challenging at points, shooter. Honestly, the shooting is a bit flawed and maybe not as polished but with a story like this, who cares? Definitely can’t be missed.

3. Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS3)
Go ahead and get the rage out of your heart. GTA 5 is a great game. The graphics are spectacular. The satire is superb and hilarious. The shooting, running, driving, and pretty much everything else works perfectly. However, for a game to be perfect, to me, they story has to go above and beyond what I was expecting. The story in this game was a bit on the boring side for me. I found the characters, while they were entertaining and the mechanic of switching between them was probably the best innovation to the series, to be quite unengaging. I’ll write a review and go into this deeper. This game is amazing and almost everyone bought it, thank you.

2. Gone Home (PC)
This is one I’ve played quite recently. If you’ve read some of my other stuff you may know that I am a fan of indie games. Gone Home is an amazing game. An abosolutely phenomenal game. Story telling in Videogames is evolving and being innovated upon in a way that I think will be remembered for a long time. I don’t really want to tell you anything that may potentially ruin even a second of the game for you, please just go and get this one for yourself.

1. The Last of Us (PS3)
Honestly I don’t feel obligated to even write anything here, but I will anyway. The Last of Us is not only the best game I played this year but it is one of the best games I’ve ever played. I’m a sucker for a great story, but this game snapped the neck of everything I expected and turned out to be one of the most harrowing things I have ever experienced. But it wasn’t just the visceral story telling and the extreme emotion this game invoked, it’s also incredibly beautiful. If this is the game that finally pushed the Playstation 3 to its limit, I can not even begin to imagine what its equivalent will be on the PS4. Regardless, if you have not played the Last of Us you are truly cheating yourself.

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Nothing Else Matters -Eli

Nothing happening matters anymore. The fifth entry in the Shin Megami Tensei series, Persona 5, has been announced. The persona series began in 1996 and most recently came to Vita as Persona 4 Golden. As a huge fan of the series I am currently ecstatic. Persona 5 will be coming exclusively to ps3 and will drop in Japan sometime at the end of 2014.

Converse With Me

I believe the theory that video games makes gamers violent is an affront to the intelligence if gamers, let’s discuss.

Playstation 4 Release

Well today the Playstation 4 was released, and I have to say I am very excited. I finally feel like my favorite company has had a very promising launch. The launch window game line up looks superb, the new controller (which I have played with a bit) has been updated and feels wonderful to use. If anyone has any thoughts or opinions on the PS4, please drop them in the comments so we can chat about it. Happy November 15th!

Remember Remember the 15th of November.

Remember Remember the 15th of November.

Thoughts on Video Game Adaptions of Films


Howdy everyone!

I’ve recently come from viewing Thor: The Dark World. Marvel’s newest movie is really, really great. I recall the earlier days of the Marvel franchise when their most popular films were Spider-Man and perhaps the early inklings of an Iron Man film. Spider-Man’s movies produced several video game adaptions, number two being my personal favorite. 

Video game adaptions of movies are a fickle thing. Either they’re really great, or they’re really terrible and deserve the entire crew to be thrown into the darkest pits of Hades. 

There are several issues with adapting a movie into a game; you’ve got to get the cast in for truthful voice casting, you’ve got to do some hardcore research to be sure to get the mythology of the film correct, you need to make sure it goes through the plot of the film it is based off of correctly and truthfully.

Which brings me back to Spider-Man 2. 

This game was neat. Man, it was awesome. But it was to be based off of the 2004 film, and it was mostly true to the film, except it threw random characters not from the movies at you, such as Shocker, Mysterio, Scorpion, and several other villains from the Spider-Man Universe that had no ties to any of the films released. Was this a problem to me? Not entirely. I thoroughly enjoyed the extra playtime and was glad that some of the lesser known villains got parts in the game. But it was entitled Spider-Man 2, to be based from the film.

In conclusion, video game adaptions of movies are okay, but typically terrible. Film adaptions of video games are also often fucking terrible (see Street Fighter, see Far Cry, see Alone in The Dark.) I, personally, would always love to see a movie or even a television series based from some of the more powerful games such as Fallout 3 or Halo. But you know, people always find a way to mess those up. It’ll be awhile, I think, before Hollywood attempts such a well loved series in fears of fucking it up and becoming the target of nerd-lead riots.